Cow/Bull Head Decor

Learn to decorate a Bull Head and create a traditional Home Decor

Course Summary

Does your Traditional Indian Home crave for an Ethnic touch?  Experience the joy of creating a completely handmade Home decor. Yes! The bull heads are completely hand carved too!!  In Hindu mythology, Nandhi-the bull is considered as guardian deity of Kailash. Want to make a Guardian for your home? It is just a click away. Since it is a FREE Course and there is no reason for you not to join! Enroll now!

Key Takeaways:
-- Learn what preparations and which paints to use on bull head.
-- Learn how to add accents to bull head.
-- Different ideas for decorating bull head.

Course Duration: 30 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner
Materials: List can be downloaded, after enrolling for the course
Kit Available: Yes

Course Curriculum

Manasa Priya


All the courses, very detailed, though it was short videos. The course was easy to follow, along with the instructor. I learnt amazing tricks and tactics to craft easily.

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