Polymer Clay for Beginners

A comprehensive course that covers everything a polymer clay beginner should know /understand

Course Summary

-- Have you ever wanted to try your hands at polymer clay and are not where and how to begin?
-- Have you been wondering what are the right tools that you would need to work with polymer clay?
-- Want to learn how to add different textures to polymer clay?
-- Have you heard of using Mokume Gane (Japanese technique of creating layered metal work for jewellery) with Polymer clay?
-- Want to learn to create Ombre effect (skinner blend) polymer clay?
-- Want to learn how to transfer images of your choice on polymer clay?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all your questions can be answered in one single course? Yes, you heard it right.  The Polymer Clay for Beginners course is replete with all the information that a beginner  would require to work with Polymer clay right from how to choose polymer clay, the tools to use with polymer clay and how to add texture using various simple tools. You will learn to blend clay, cut various shapes and make your own polymer clay jewellery. You will also learn the Mokume Gane technique and to create skinner blends (ombre or graduated colored clay) with polymer clay. At the end of this course you will be able to use techniques learnt in this course not just to create beautiful polymer clay jewellery but create any article using polymer clay. So what are you waiting for? This course is full of  techniques and is a great value for money.  Enroll Today and start your journey as a polymer clay artist.

Key Takeaways:
-- Learn how to work with polymer clay: blending clay, rolling the clay, cutting shapes, adding texture and baking the clay.
-- Learn multiple ways to add texture and design to your polymer clay.
-- Learn how to add color to your polymer clay jewellery.
-- Learn how to sand and buff the baked polymer clay pieces.
-- Learn how you can add shine and finishes to your clay jewellery using different mediums.
-- Learn how to use an extruder with polymer clay and create different designs using extruded clay.
-- Learn the Mokume Gane technique.
-- Learn skinner blend with polymer clay.
-- Learn how to transfer images on polymer clay.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Level: Beginners
Supply List: Can be downloaded after enrolling for the course.
Kit Available: No

Course Curriculum

Neha Tulsyan


All the courses, very detailed, though it was short videos. The course was easy to follow, along with the instructor. I learnt amazing tricks and tactics to craft easily.

Course Pricing

  • Polymer Clay for Beginners
  • 999 INR

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